Clan MacAlister

McCollister - a sept of the MacAlister Clan.

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This is about history, a family history, our history. It is about the McCollister Family. Not my family, although it will be included. Not your family, although I hope you will contribute. It will be about those McCollister who wish to share their story.

We are not all related to each other. What we have is a common family name. And each of us is special. We all have a story to tell, a unique story. A story that only we can tell. A story that is more than what others may write or think about us. We are certainly more than our tax or social security number.

"And now for the rest of the story..."

That is what I hope this will be about - our story. Let us share our stories, our family history. Let us help each discover more about our family name. Let us tell the stories, good or bad, funny or serious. Let it be a story that is more than dates and places. Our story is one of people with strengths and weaknesses, fortune and misfourtune, of hopes and dreams. But only we can tell it.

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